Sunday, 1 April 2012


Sfogliatini di Filo con Fichi, Feta e Menta
Fig, Feta & Mint Filo Crackers

Here is a simple and fun idea. which would be wonderful as a little appetizer snack or even as an after-dinner treat. There are people who would rather enjoy a cheese-platter than a sweet dessert- and there are those that choose to go without. Well these paper-thin crackers are both sweet and savory and also refreshing with a hint of fresh mint. Very, very light, but just enough to enjoy with your digestif or espresso!

There really is no recipe here- simply an idea and ideas are what I am all about. I bought a pack of filo pastry yesterday and was contemplating what all the uses of a pastry could be that is thin enough to actually see through... and decided to make something where you did just that!

To make these, I simply sliced a fig and some feta cheese into the thinnest slices I could manage without them breaking. I also plucked a number of leaves of fresh mint ready to go with them. I took a sheet of filo pastry and lay out the cheese and fig slices across half of it and placed a mint leaf here and there in-between them, making sure that nothing overlapped. I then spread a very thin layer of honey onto the other half of the pastry and a very light sprinkle of salt.

Then I simply folded the pastry together and pressed it down. You have to move quickly as the pastry dries out very, very fast. Next, either using a brush or simply using your hands, apply a little water to the surface of the closed sheet of pastry- just a little, but enough to make the two layers stick.

These crackers are going to be very, very thin and fragile- if you prefer them to be a little thicker, simply use two layers of pastry. Bake at a moderate heat for around 10 minutes, until the cheese melts slightly and the figs soften up a little through the heat. Once they are golden brown, remove them from the oven and after a minute or so of cooling, cut into squares for serving. If you don't cut them whilst the pastry is still a little soft, they will be too crumbly later.

And that is all there is to it! Snacks don't come much easier or much more sophisticated than that, do they?

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