Saturday, 21 April 2012

Raw Deal - Great Meal!

Carpaccio di Vitello con Lattuga "Mache", Cumquat Trittate, Asparagi Verdi e Parmigiano
Carpaccio with Mache, Diced Cumquats, Asparagus and Parmesan

I get a lot of people telling me they don't know how to cook... which is fine- I don't know how to fly a plane.  We don't all have to be able to do everything! But you need to eat and I need to be able to fly to the USA! So here is a dish that needs no cooking- meaning you have now got no excuses...

Fresh and light and delicious- this great carpaccio recipe doesn't  take but a few minutes to make and yet I am sure if you serve this up to your friends or family, you will have something to talk about for quite a while...

The asparagus was incredibly tender, as you can see in the photographs- so I decided to serve that up raw as well as the beef. With a carpaccio, it is all about the combination of the flavors and the dressing you use. And maybe a little trick or two. So in this case, we simply lay out the beef first and then set our mache decoratively on top of it.

Next, finely chop a couple of cumquats, add a little bit of grated garlic and grated ginger, some salt, pepper and a little honey. Stir well and allow 10-15 minutes at least for the flavors to combine and infuse nicely.

Sprinkle the finely chopped cumquat on top, then add a few stalks of asparagus and the slices of parmesan, some salt, pepper and a little olive oil... easy! A tiny trickle of honey and a few drops of orange juice are the finishing touches and you are ready to serve... and just to think- you didn't have to cook a single thing!

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