Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fried-Up Sunshine

Frittata con Asparagi Selvaggi e Pomodorini
Wild Asparagus and Cocktail Tomato Frittata

The word "frittata" just refers to something that has been fried in an egg batter... it could be anything- potato, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes... or as in this case- wonderful, seasonal, wild green asparagus and juicy cocktail tomatoes...

Sometimes we have to face facts and recognize that maybe we HAVE over-eaten a little in the past few days and that something a little smaller should be on the menu. But that doesn't mean it need not be satisfying a delicious!

I trimmed the tenderest parts off the asparagus and cut the remaining parts of the stalks that were still good into smaller pieces. Of course I took the woody end parts off and discarded those first of all!

I started to sautée the asparagus pieces in a little olive oil. I seasoned it with just a little finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper and nutmeg and after it had fried for 2-3 minutes, I added the pretty end pieces and sauteed those too- for just long enough that they took on a nice light coating of olive oil. I then put these on one side for later.

Next, I beat 2 eggs together with 2 tablespoons of ricotta and seasoned with salt and pepper. I added a good pinch of finely chopped parsley and grated it well with nutmeg.
I sliced the cherry tomatoes and a spring onion up, ready to go on top, as well as a little very finely sliced parmesan. Oh- and I turned on my oven and broiler ready to finish my little frittata off.

I poured 2/3rds of the egg mix over the asparagus pieces that were already in the pan and let it sit and fry for 2-3 minutes, until the base was firm and then began to arrange the asparagus, spring onion and tomatoes decoratively on top. I added the parmesan sparingly- I much prefer parmesan to become crispy and brown, rather then for it to be pale and slimy!

After a further 5 minutes at 350°, the frittata was firm, golden brown and ready to be served! And that is about the most perfect meal for this Springtime evening!


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