Sunday, 29 April 2012


Tortilla al Forno con Ricotta Fresca, Cipolle in Aceto Balsamico, Pancetta, Olive e Timo
Baked Tortilla with Cream Cheese, Balsamic Onions, Bacon, Olives and Thyme

Is it a pizza? A tarte flambe from the Alsace? No it is a tortilla- and a deliciously different one at that! This was a quick snack that I put together as I was a little pushed for time this evening... I DID want to get out to the movies. But even though I might have made it on time, I decided to give it a miss this evening instead. Because as soon as this was ready... I realized that it would have been much too much of a shame to rush it! This was something so delicious it was worth sitting down and taking the time to enjoy properly!

The main and most important ingredient here is of course the little onions that are pickled in balsamic vinegar and dressed in a nice olive oil. You can of course use regular pickled onions and add olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar and some honey... but I was lucky to have these here and was already to go!

I cut the onions into 1/8th's, diced the bacon and sliced the olives. So far so good! I then spread the tortilla with cheese curd (you can use any kind of cream cheese or ricotta that you like) and sprinkled them with the finely diced bacon and the olives. I added the onions and then pushed it into the oven at 400°F for 5-6 minutes... it didn't take much doing and sooner than I thought- there it was- finished, crispy and delicious!

I sprinkled the finished tortilla with fresh thyme and cut it into 1/8 ths, which would make it easier to eat. Of course, being so very thin, probably the best way to do so was to roll the little slices up- which is exactly what I did! Excellent quick and easy finger-food I would say!
Hope you enjoy trying them too!

So there you have it... a decidely European approach to a Mexican tortilla! But you know what fellow readers? If it is good food, it is all very fine by me! I see a couple more variations on the horizon... so keep your eyes open! It may well happen sooner than you think!

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