Sunday, 1 April 2012

Summer Thyme

Frittata con Rucola, Feta e Semi di Girasole
Omelette with Wilted Arugula, Feta and Sunflower Seeds

Yes, Summertime and the cooking is easy! I wanted to make a quick, light supper this evening, to end a bright and sunny day on a high note. Something a little Mediterranean and a little different...

So I dreamed up this wonderfully Greek-inspired dish, with feta cheese, honey and thyme- an all-time classic combination, coupled with some peppery arugula and crunchy sun flower seeds- what an elegant and fun little omelette! And so quick and easy!

The first thing you need to do is to wilt down those arugula leaves- so simply wash them, shake them dry and pop them into you frying pan with a little salt, pepper and nutmeg. No oil for the time being- otherwise there will be a lot of spitting going on!

It will only take 2-3 minutes for the arugula to wilt down- stir it well and remove it from the heat... NOW you can add a little olive oil, just to dress it lightly, so that it does not dry out too much in a few minutes when we finish off our omelette under the broiler.

The omelette itself is simply made by beating 2 eggs with a little milk. I used 2 half-egg shells full- handy little measuring cup, eh? I am all for saving on washing up! I beat these together lightly and seasoned them with salt and pepper, and off they went into my small, non-stick saucepan, with just a hint of olive oil.

Once the egg has set, arrange the wilted arugula on top in a ring an then place 2 nice slices of feta cheese into the middle of the omelette as you can see in the pictures- it really is pretty easy. Move quickly, so that the greens connect and combine nicely with the egg. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and sprinkle lightly with pepper.

Drizzle both a little olive oil and a little honey onto the cheese and then pop the omelette under the broiler to finish cooking. Once the egg has set completely and the Feta cheese has begun to brown, your omelette is ready! If it is looking a little pale, don't be afraid to take a bunsen-burner to the cheese to give it a more appetizing appearance. Sprinkle with fresh time while it is still hot and serve with a little ciabatta or another Mediterranean bread... Buon apetito!

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