Sunday, 15 April 2012

Apple Salad!

Insalata di Rucola, Foglie di Senapa Rossa & Arancia

Arugula, Red Mustard Leaf, Fig and Orange Salad

No real recipe here- but some pretty pictures despite a lot of frustration this weekend! And not an apple in sight! So why the name? Well- truth be told, I would have been presenting you good people with more than a salad this Saturday evening... if it hadn't been for the fact that I have beedn doing battle with my newly acquired iPad today... hence the name! Apple indeed!

 If only I had been able to have got it to work I may have had a little more time for the tastier things in life... but as it was, I found myself rushing back into town at 7pm to the Apple store, where everyone was happy and the world was a better place... full of fully functioning computers...

But I digress- as I neither got my new toy to work upon my return, nor is this a blog about computers! Nope- back to this tasty salad which I managed to whip up in just 10 minutes... Not quite a full meal- but a nice little treat in any case and wonderfully refreshing as well!

I blanched the shredded orange zest in boiling water for 2-3 minutes to remove any bitterness and then squeezed the juice from the rest of the orange. I seasoned the juice with salt and pepper and added a little olive oil. After rinsing the arugula and the mustard leaves off, I tossed them in the seasoned juice and arranged them on my plate.

Next came the fig, cut into thin slices and also a handful of the shredded orange zest. A sprinkle of sunflower seeds and a dusting of my seasoned salt, together with a light drizzle of honey, made this into a delicious Springtime salad. I hope you all approve... so that at least one good thing came of my day!

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