Monday, 16 April 2012

A Taste of the Sun

Couscous Mediterraneo con Maiale
Mediterranean Couscous with Pork

This is a pretty wonderful looking dish of Summer food, even if I do say so myself! And to think, it all came to be, because I wanted to use up some of the off-cuts I had from trimming the filet of pork that I prepared last night! In this case it was not simply a case of "waste not-want not"- but a real blessing in disguise to have to come up with something from nothing... which is basically what I do all of the time anyway!

This is basically a Mediterranean couscous salad, but through the pan-toasted pork, it picked up some good and tasty aroma and became much more satisfying as a meal. If you wanted to keep this dish vegetarian, you could maybe replace the pork with some pine nuts or cashews, but either way you will find it satisfying whilst still being nice and light- perfect for a Summer evening!

I prepared the couscous in the usual manner, by pouring boiling water over it until it was covered and then some, stirring with a fork and allowing to sit for 10-15 minutes, after which time I lightly fluffed it up, again with a fork.

I added chopped parsley, mint and some finely sliced Spring onions, seasoned with salt, pepper, lime juice, green Tabasco and added a light drizzle of olive oil.

Next, I fried the finely chopped pork in a little olive oil with a little crushed garlic, finely chopped carrot and celery and a handful of capers. I fried it for a short time at a high heat, 4-5 minutes in all should do the trick... and then added it directly to the couscous. I then added some Kalamata olives which had been de-stoned and halved and a few slices of cherry tomato. Finishing touches were a light drizzle of honey, a good squeeze of lemon juice and a last splash of olive oil.

I served it on a bed of arugula for some added freshness and color and I have to say the combination was pretty delicious! Hope you give it a go too sometime!

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