Sunday, 1 April 2012

Refresher Course

Insalata di Fichi, Cetriolo e Rucola con un Condimento di Miele e Limone
Fig, Cucumber & Arugula Salad with Honey & Lime Dressing

Whether it is a dainty little side dish or an in-between course as a part of a larger menu, a refreshing and light salad is something that shouldn't be missing in the Spring and Summer months.

It seems to me that people often tend to want rich and heavy dressings on their salads, when I see them eating out. Thick, creamy, fat filled and overpowering concoctions that render any flavor that the ingredients of a salad may have to zero. That's not for me. I like to dress a salad very lightly and just enough to bring out all of its own flavors... something a little like this...  

Figs are wonderful and delightfully sweet fruits and arugula, or rocket, is peppery and slightly bitter- which is already a great paring as it is. With some thinly sliced cucumber for a little freshness and crunch and a few beet root sprouts for some added color and their own kind of tartness, I figured I had a rather nice little salad on my hands- and all I needed was a dressing to go with it.

I made the dressing by warming up some honey and olive oil gently, with a few slices of lime peel and the juice of said lime. I seasoned it with a few small drops of green Tabasco and a pinch of salt and that was it! All it had to do now was to cool down to room temperature again and be drizzled sparingly over my salad! A little salt ( I used my lavender and sichuan pepper infused one) on top and there you have a simple and elegant salad full of Summer freshness! Enjoy!

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