Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dressing Up!

Insalata di Cetriolo & Senapa Rossa, con Condimento di Yogurt, Miele e Dijon

Cucumber & Red Mustard Leaf Salad with Honey, Dijon Yogurt Dressing

I know that I am usually one for lighter salad dressings- I am more of a vinaigrette kind of guy myself... but I wanted to make a different version of a cucumber salad, one one thing that I do like is the combination of yogurt and cucumber...

So I decided to try to do something a little different to the usual dill-based cucumber salad and I did have more of those yummy mustard leaves to give it all a bit of a kick and some much needed color... and this is how I did it!

For the dressing, take 4 tablespoons of yogurt per person and 1 of Dijon mustard. Stir together well, along with a squeeze of lemon juice, a little fresh mint and a teaspoon of honey. Season with salt, pepper, some finely chopped Spring onion and a little sugar- and basically- it is a simple as that!

I sliced the cucumber very thinly and arranged it decoratively in my dish. I then added the red mustard leaves and a generous amount of the dressing. I little water cress as a garnish adds a bit of peppery flavor and color- and you are all set to enjoy your alternative cucumber salad! Delicious!

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