Sunday, 15 April 2012

Getting Tan in the Pan!

Maiale Speziato con Sansho e Spinaci allo Zenzero
Savory Pork with Sansho Pepper and Ginger Spinach

Considering that it is pork that you can see there- it is indeed rather tan-looking- wouldn't you say? And just as you need to prepare your skin before you lie in the sun, the right marinade for your meat will give it not just a wonderful taste, but also an gorgeous glaze of honey and spice- and it sure does look good, doesn't it?

This may not be authentic- but it authentically me! Some sweetness, some tanginess, some heat and some eye-candy to boot! It looks pretty delicious and it tastes as good as it looks- so let's get busy and make ourselves this yummy Asian-styled supper! Chop-chop!

The marinade was a blend of soy sauce, fish sauce (nam pla), a little lime juice, some 5-spice powder, a squeeze of honey, a little sesame oil and a little ketchup! Yes of all things! It will give the meat a great color as well a sweet and tangy flavor... perfect!

The meat should marinate for at least an hour- in this case is was a simple filet of pork, but the marinade did make something special out of it!

The spinach was simply sautéed with some very finely chopped ginger, for 2-3 minutes and then deglazed with a good squeeze of orange juice. I seasoned with salt and pepper- no soy sauce in this case as we want to keep the colors nice and fresh... 5 minutes in all is more than adequate time for such delicate young leaves.

The rice was simply a mix of Jasmin and wild rice and it was simply steamed whist I prepared these other things!

The pork went into a very hot frying pan for 2-3 minutes from each side and in that time it becomes a wonderful red- yummy and delicious! Feel free to add a little sesame oil whilst you are sautéeing it- this is good flavor and helps it to brown more swiftly. Already wonderful as it was, I added a good pinch of sansho pepper to the pork before serving- which brings EVERYTHING to life! Serve with a little soy sauce in case people

need to season and enjoy!

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