Monday, 10 August 2015


Zibibbo Frullato con Melone & Menta
Zibibbo Blended with Honeydew Melon & Mint


How about a little refreshing something to quench your thirst and make you smile, whilst it's so swelteringly hot this evening? Ah, I knew you wouldn't say no!

Think of this as a sweet little Sicilian kiss either to refresh your palate after a good meal, or to titilate your taste buds and to enjoy as an aperitif with snacks beforehand... Anything goes in my house!


Basically this is just a melon smoothie with mint and a dash of a Sicilian dessert wine that I love which goes by the name of Zibibbo... And how can you possibly NOT like that?!

But fear not if you can't get this- a sherry or Marsala would also be fine, or even a sweet sparkling wine... It's all about the melon and mint really- I just added my crazy Sicilian wine to irritate you al! Haha!


To make my 3 little servings, which were about the amount of 2 espresso cups full each, I needed just 1/4 of a honeydew melon, 2 espresso cups full of the Zibibbo, a handful of ice cubes and a good handful of fresh mint. And yes, sure you can use vodka! Hehe! But not if you are me... I don't handle liquor all that well!


You can also use a little lemonade if you want to make this for children- as I said, it's really just a melon smoothie and is meant to refresh your palate and quench your thirst a little... A cocktail it is not! But a lovely treat it certainly is!

 No magic tricks involved here... Just pop everything into your blender and give it a whirl!

Frothy and smooth and refreshing and good! Or at least it should be! If your melon is not quite as sweet and flavorful as you would like it to be, add a little sugar or honey- just not too much, then give it a whizz to blend it in... And then pour it up and enjoy whilst it's still ice cold!


Serve with a garnish of mint and an extra ice cube or two and enjoy! Couldn't be easier! But it's the simplicity that makes it so good!

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