Sunday, 16 August 2015

French Bread & Berries!

Dolce di Pane con Lampone, Yogurt alla Vaniglia & Pistacchi
Bread Pudding, with Raspberries, Vanilla Yogurt & Pistachio


Bread pudding? French toast (which does not even exist in France wink emoticon ... What was I to do with my little left-over chunk of baguette this morning? And the lovely fresh raspberries that were so tempting at the same time... Decisions, decisions!

Well, as you can see, I decided to make a combination of those 3 ideas... And even a little bit more! I decided to make this little baby into a real treat! But one that you (or I!) can enjoy guilt-free!


I decided to try something a little different as usual... Lighter than the usual, butter-enriched British classic, suing yogurt in the batter to make it at the same time richer than plain old milk. And I used a vanilla flavored yogurt to make it even easier to add some rich flavor...

And guess what? It worked!


Again, you will be surprised at how little it too to make 2 nice servings of this delicious French-bread pudding! It took just 1/3rd of a day-old baguette, 1 egg, 200g of fresh raspberries, a 200ml pot of vanilla yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a little butter and some chopped pistachios to sprinkle... Mmmm! I am Sicilian after all!


Crispy on top, fluffy and chewy inside and with that tangy, fresh fruity flavor of the raspberries... Along with cinnamon and vanilla... What an absolute treat! And not even a particularly naughty one at that!


To make the batter, simply add the honey and cinnamon to the egg, whisk them in and then add the yogurt, little by little, until you have a smooth, thin, even batter.


Slice you bread up thinly and then find a baking dish that it will fit in nicely... It's pointless me telling you how much batter or bread you will need... As I don't know how big the bread, the egg or the dish you have will be... But surely you can figure that much out! 


Ok, get your dish nicely buttered and ready before you begin, as you will need to move swiftly, then dip the bread into the batter and get it nicely wet... Cut this thinly it will soak up the batter really quickly... And then stack it up in your baking dish.


Now, pop your raspberries in-between the slices, here and there and fill the dish out nicely and evenly. Add a few little pats of butter and you are almost ready to go!

Oh... And if you haven't already done it... Turn on that oven and get it nice and hot!


Last but not least, pour the remaining batter over the top of your bread pudding, squash it down a little with a spoon and then pop it into your pre-heated oven, at 170C for 30-40 minutes til it is golden brown and toasty in top.


And by that time, all of those fruit juices will have mingled into the batter and will have baked it together into a lovely, fluffy, cinnamon and vanilla, pudding-like consistency... Go grab a fork and get ready to enjoy!


As you can see, it serves-up wonderfully and, would I be serving it at any other part of the day, would be crying out for some lovely vanilla custard... But being as I had mine for breakfast...

...I simple added a good tablespoon of vanilla yogurt, straight from the fridge, a good sprinkle of chopped pistachio... And wasted no further time about getting down to enjoying it!


And enjoy it I most certainly did!

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