Monday, 10 August 2015

Yes Peas!

Insalata di Couscous, Piselli, Feta, Zenzero & Menta
Couscous, Pea, Feta Cheese, Ginger & Mint Salad


It was Monday today, stressful and miserable Monday. Hot, humid and rainy and even worse than most miserable Monday's are... Yep, it was one of THOSE days... One where by the time I got home from work, I was so tired that I didn't want to make supper... I wanted my supper to "make itself"!

So, of course, I made myself some couscous... Because more or less... That is exactly what couscous does!


I needed to do very little work today prepare this- thank goodness! And after that 5 minutes of work, the rest took care of itself... I promise!

The thing to do, is to get this little baby going... And then to leave it, take a nice refreshing shower, pour yourself a drink... Relax... And then come back to find it ready to serve up and eat... At least that was my method this evening and I must say it worked wonderfully!


For one good portion of this great salad.. Or, two side servings, you will need a couple of handfuls of fresh peas, 1 cupful of couscous, 1 spring onion, 1/2 a block of feta (yes, the left-over from last night!), about 2" of fresh ginger, plenty of fresh mint and parsley, pepper, olive oil and some red peppercorns.

This is a very light, mild and refreshing summer dish which balances perfectly the classic combination of sweet peas and mint with salty feta cheese... Which added to couscous make for a perfect dish! And so easy to make as well... Take a look and see..

Pop your peas out of the pods, chop up your spring onion and your ginger as finely as possible and boil them together for 10 minutes- this will give you plenty of time to dice the feta cheese and to finely chop the mint and parsley.


After 10 minutes, add the couscous, stir it through nice and thoroughly and then pop on the lid and allow to rest for 20 minutes... Time for that shower and for fixing a drink!


After 20 minutes, the couscous will be done and will have begun to cool off... Time to fluff it up and to transfer it to a serving dish to continue cooling a little.

Now that it has cooled off nicely, add the feta cheese and the chopped mint and parsley, drizzle generously with olive oil and scatter with red pepper corns... And you are done!


All you need to do now is to toss it carefully and to serve it up and enjoy! I added no extra salt to mine- I loved having the super-sweetness of the fresh peas and the saltiness of the feta blending nicely with the mint... But should you prefer a little extra salt... Feel free! You can always add salt if you haven't enough... But if you make your food too salty, you can never take it away again... So simply try it and see!

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