Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Molto Bello in Yello!

Bruschette con Pomodorini Gialli, Prosciutto Crudo & Rucola
Bruschetta with Yellow Tomatoes, Ham & Arugula

There were so many reasons not to cook this evening, that I didn't dare put up a fight and simply succumbed to common sense and did the right thing... I made something simple instead!

My main reason? Well, apart from being exhausted, hot and extremely bothered... the real reason I made these bruschette was that I cannot abide to let any food go to waste and I had this leftover hunk of bread. And after all, the main reason that bruschetta was ever invented was to make use of bread that was past its prime...


If I were to say to you, "would you care for a couple of slices of stale bread?", I don't think there is any question what the answer would be! But I doubt there would be any question if I were to offer you one of these... Am I right? Or am I right?  


I had literally, one small crust of bread, the end of a ciabatta that was about 6" in length... But that was plenty to make my 8 little bruschette. I had somehow managed to buy way too many colored tomatoes at the weekend...

And so I decided to make my bruschetta topping from these totally sweet, yellow ones for a colorful change. I added a little fresh ham and arugula to make for a more filling snack and seasoned the tomatoes with fresh basil and thyme. Simple ingredients put to good use and resulting in a good and tasty supper. Made sense to me!


How mouthwatering and delicious can such a simple snack be? And how thrilled would guests be if you put out a spread of these for a party? Yes, that would be a great idea! But on the other hand... I think that eating them all by myself this evening was also a pretty good idea too...


The topping was simply made by chopping the yellow tomatoes into a relatively fine dice and then adding plenty of finely chopped basil and thyme, a little salt, pepper and sugar and a dash of olive oil.

Stir everything together thoroughly and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes whilst you slice up and toast your bread and allow it to cool off a little.


First add a generous amount of arugula and a little ham... You don't need to overdo it- well balanced toppings are always better tasting... And anyway... If you add too much it just makes it difficult to eat and it isn't fun having things fall apart the minute you bite into them... So a little bit less here will definitely be more!


Somehow, that makes it sound as if there isn't enough topping on these little slices of deliciousness... But trust me, once you add a tablespoon of chopped tomatoes on top, you have more than enough to sink your teeth into!


And there they all all, all lined-up in glorious technicolor! With flavors in 3D!

Talking of 3D, here is one last parting shot with one of these beauties jumping off the screen for you! Doesn't it just make you want to reach in, grab a hold of it and take a nice big bite? Yeah... Me too!

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