Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Come Round for Supper

Zucchina in Pastella di Farina di Ceci & Insalata Semplice di Ciliegini
Zucchini Fried in Chickpea Batter with Simple Cherry Tomato Salad


This is another of my "supper out of thin air" dishes, thrown together on the spur of the most, using next to nothing in the way of ingredients and yet turning out to be a delight in every possible way!

As usual, the thing that delighted me the most was that it was easy to make and so quickly prepared in just 15 minutes or so... Which of course is more than perfect on a hot, humid evening after a long, hot day at work!

Looks great doesn't it? Tastes great too! you can make this with an kind of zucchini, but I had one of those lovely round ones, which I find to be much more flavorful... And especially so if you prepare them this way!

The chickpea flour batter makes this a perfect dish for any vegans out there too... But I am sorry I had to go and ruin your fun by grating Grana on top of it! I am happy to share the idea with everyone... But the food you see in the picture was made for lil' ol' me after all!


I told you this was a meal made from next to nothing! 1 round zucchini, 2-3 tablespoons of chickpea flour, a good sprig of fresh rosemary, a handful of cherry tomatoes, some fresh basil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, olive oil and a little Grana cheese for grating. Now, that ain't much... But it's more than enough! You'll see!


And of course, you can't go far wrong with some juicy and fresh tomatoes, dressed in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and basil... a no-brainer for sure! And a great contrast and perfect addition to the zucchini... No stress, more rest!


To prepare 1 decent-sized round zucchini, I needed 3 tablespoons of chickpea flour to which I added about 1 tablespoon of finely chopped rosemary and seasoned with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.


I added water to it little by little, but at the same time in a steady stream and stirring constantly... It's not as tricky as it sounds, but if you try to add the water in bits and drabs, you will end up with a lumpy batter.

The batter should have the consistency of a thin yogurt- more or less!


Dip the zucchini, cut into slices of at least 1" thick, into the batter, cover completely and get ready to get frying! Here's a little tip for you- if you prick them with a fork first, the batter will stick to them better! 

Make sure your pan is good and hot so that the batter sets immediately when you lay in your zucchini slices and allow them to sit and sizzle for at least 2 before flipping them over.


Once you have flipped them, reduce the heat so that they take longer from the other side... You do want the heat to penetrate the zucchini properly so that they cook through and don't simply get brown on the outside and be raw on the inside.

Press down firmly after 3-4 minutes and then carefully flip back I over at least once. As you can see, I did not use too much oil... Just add it a little at a time as you need it... That's my advice! I don't like greasy food and I am guessing you don't either!

And once you are done, all you need to do is serve them up, with your simple little cherry tomato salad and grate with a little Grana to keep those pesky vegans away! Haha! Just kidding dear readers... I love you all!

It's simple, it's good.., it's my kinda food!


Resist it if you can... As for me, I am going to grab a fork and enjoy!

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