Thursday, 13 August 2015

Big Potato Parcel!

Torta Salata di Patate, Rucola & Ricotta Fresca in Pasta Filo
Potato, Arugula & Fresh Ricotta Filo Pie

Well, believe it or not, when I began cooking this little dish, it was a potato salad that I had in mind... And just look what it became!

Being as it has been so hot and humid of late and I have kind-of dreaded standing at a hot stove after a long day at the office, I thought it might be a good idea to boil up some potatoes this morning, so that I could make a potato salad out of them this evening.

Well, that was the plan. But then I over-cooked them! Aargh! And my only options were then to make mashed potatoes... Or get creative with them and turn them into something else...


So, what as I to do with my 3 little, crumbled-up potatoes? Not much, you would think, am I right?

Well, shame on you for thinking that!

And if you think I needed to add much more stuff to them, to ttransform these 3 little potatoes into 4 good slices of deliciousness, you might be a little bit surprised!


In fact, all I needed was just a couple of spring onions, 2 tablespoons of fresh ricotta, a good handful of fresh arugula and 5 paper-thin sheets of Filo pastry. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little olive oil, then drizzled it in honey and thyme and served it with a side salad of mixed tomatoes and fresh arugula. Simple, quick, delicious and fun... As always!

Crispy on the outside, but indeed soft and fluffy on the inside, with the lovely aroma of nutmeg, the sweetness of the honey, the peppery arugula and the aromatic thyme... I have to admit... This made for much better eating than a regular potato salad ever could!

I began by frying the spring onions until they became translucent and then added the arugula and stirred it well as it began to wilt.


I then added the potatoes, which I had mashed coarsely, the ricotta, a little salt and plenty of pepper and nutmeg.


All I needed to do then was to mix everything together thoroughly and set to one side to cool, whilst I turned on my oven and let it heat up... It's all about multitasking!


Next, I laid out 4 sheets of Filo pastry, which I first lightly brushed with olive oil at a 45* angle to each other and spooned in the potato, arugula and ricotta filling.


I then laid a single sheet of fill pastry on top and folded each and every corner of the pastry inwards to seal. After brushing lightly with olive oil, I then transferred my pie to a very hot oven for 15-20 minutes or so, until it became wonderfully golden brown and crisp as can be!


Nothing easier... Nothing yummier... Or is there?


And my answer to that question is, yes! Because whilst it was still piping hot from the oven, I drizzled my pie with honey and sprinkled it with thyme... And let me tell you... THAT was the thing that made this all come to life!


I served mine with a simple side salad of rainbow tomatoes and fresh arugula... And felt as happy as can be.. And I am sure that all of you will be too if you try this out... Word!

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