Sunday, 29 June 2014

Totally Vegged-Out!

Fritto Misto Semplice Asiatico con Pepe Freschi & Galangal
Simple Vegetable Stir-Fry with Enoki Mushrooms, Baby Sweet Corn, Radisches, Fresh Pepper & Galangal

A stir-fry doesn't always have to be the same old thing, it doesn't have to be greasy and it can be a lot of fun... As I discovered this evening!

The main stars of the show here were the galangal root which I picked up yesterday and the fresh green pepper pods which gave a great, mild heat to go with the citrus-type note that the galangal gave... Pretty terrific stuff!

The other stars were of course the enoki mushrooms, which I always find are a lot of fun, the sugar snap peas which are always great and the baby sweet corn, which was a new ingredient to be able to buy fresh for me! I am not a fan of corn, and I do think those baby sweet corns out of a jar or can tastes artificially sweet... But the real thing? I have to say, yes! They were pretty yummy!

As you can see, I had one little bunch of enoki mushrooms, 2 Spring onions, 3-4 radishes, 1 carrot, a handful of sugar snap peas, the same of sweet corn, a small piece of galangal and 1 sprig of fresh, green pepper corns.

The fun thing was, that the enoki mushrooms almost took the place of noodles in this dish! Which made it perfect for a lighter meal, where you could do without rice or noodles on the side... If you felt that way inclined! lol!

The only real work is chopping up the galangal as finely as you can, slicing the radishes and the carrot and cutting the Spring onion into bite-sized pieces.... The rest is fun just the way it is!

As for the enoki mushrooms, you will need to pluck them apart a little, so that you can spread them out more evenly in the pan later.

Start off by frying the pepper corns and the finely chopped galangal until it begins to turn slightly brown. I decided to use peanut oil for frying, as it can be heated up to much higher temperatures before it starts to get smokey, but any neutral oil would be fine.

Next, add the corn, peas, carrots and radishes and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes, then add a splash of water, put on the lid and let that steam cook into the vegetables for a minute or so.

Next, add the mushrooms and the Spring onion, stir them in well and keep on stirring until the mushrooms begin to wilt.

And there you have it, light, fresh vegetables with no other flavor than that of their own, the galangal and the fresh pepper... But that is all that you need... Well almost!

Yes, a little soy sauce is the perfect seasoning of course and it does bring out the best of all those varied flavors! You can add chili sauce if you feel that way inclined... But this evening, for a change, I decide to keep things fresh and light!

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