Sunday, 8 June 2014

Coincidental Oriental

Griddle-Pan Flatbread with Ajvar, Peppers, Feta & Honey and Cucumber & Vietnamese Spinach Salad


Supper this evening was a simple, but yummy affair, made of store-bought pizza dough that I grilled on a griddle pan until became golden brown and crispy and ready for a yummy topping- in this case spicy Ajvar, peppers, feta cheese and honey... Mmmm!

The salad was made from tender, Vietnamese "amaranth" spinach, cucumber and a spicy yogurt dressing... Mmmm again!


The salad had a dressing made from yogurt, finely chopped coriander and Turkish "pul biber" chillies.


The ingredients are Vietnamese amaranth-spinach, cucumber, peppers, feta cheese, lemon juice and a sprinkle of Turkish pull biber chili flakes.


 ...and these crispy little fellows are much tastier than your everyday pizza too!


I cut the cucumber in quarters and sliced it up, finely chopped the coriander and sliced the pepper into rings...


To make the dressing for the salad, put the chopped cucumber into a bowl, add yogurt, honey, lemon juice, salt, and those Turkish chili flakes. :-)


In the meantime, cut your dough to size and place it onto a grill pan until 5 minus later it is golden and crispy and ready to be flipped for a further 5 minutes from the other side.

Spread the flat breads generously with ajvar and top with the sliced pepper rings.

Next, add a layer of crumbled feta cheese and turn on your broiler... In just 5 minutes you are going to be needing it, word!


Sprinkle the feta cheese with pull briber, drizzle with honey and pop it straight under the grill in your oven, for around 5 minutes at a high temperature, until the cheese melts a little and holds everything together on the bread!


5 minutes later, this delicious summer meal was ready to be enjoyed!

Simply toss the salad together with the cucumber pieces in their Yogurt and coriander dressing and serve together with the crispy and delicious flat breads... Perfect!


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