Sunday, 1 June 2014

I'm So Egg-Cited!

Tortilla Collazione con Uova Strappazzate & Pomodorini
Breakfast Tortillas with Scrambled Egg & Cherry Tomatoes


It was Sunday morning and I was feeling tired-out from the long day yesterday, out and about, sightseeing and walking for miles on end... great fun... but this morning I felt like I needed a decent breakfast before I faced the new day!

I was thinking scrambled eggs- I hadn't made them in a long time- but I was also thinking I needed to do something fun with them- and the result of that thinking looked a little bit like this!


Not too little and not too much, this was a perfect, hearty breakfast, which hit all the spots on my taste map all at once! Oh yes, this has everything you need to put a smile on your face in the morning, is quick, easy, made of simple ingredients and is sure to please... take a look and see for yourselves!


All that I needed to make this was 2 eggs, 2 flour tortillas, a small handful of chopped bacon, a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese, 4-5 cherry tomatoes and a little fresh basil. Simple ingredients with great flavor!


One thing I really liked about this was that apart from that little bit of bacon, there wasn't much fat in this dish- it needed no oil and the cream cheese I used was also low in fat- and at the same time it was a filling and flavorful meal that was really satisfying. And yes- I do like all of those points very much!


Living in Germany, I am lucky to be able to use what is known here as "Quark", which are soft and creamy cheese curds which I love, but you can use soft Philadelphia or any other cream cheese for this too... It's all good!

I used one with added chives, as I just happened to have some in the fridge- and again, plain or flavored is completely up to you!

As you can see, I gave the tortilla a generous spread of quark and then popped it onto a dry pan to warm up and start browning from below...

...and as soon as it began to soften, I folded the sides over, a little like an envelope. These would serve as the base that I would serve the scrambled eggs on- crispy on the outside but with a creamy filling! Yum!

To make the scramble, I started off by getting that little handful of bacon sizzling in the pan, again, with no added fat as the bacon has plenty of its own.

In the meantime, I cracked the 2 eggs into a bowl, added a splash of milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg, whisked it up with a fork and them poured the mixture over the crispy bacon.

Once the eggs began to set, I gently pushed them around in the pan with a wooden spoon, pushing away the parts that had set and letting the liquid egg flow and set until it was all cooked. Do not start scrambling around with your fork, spoon or spatula, just gently push the egg back and let it fold over on itself- it will soon be done and will turn out perfectly if you make it this way, I promise!


Spoon up the scrambled eggs nice and hot on the tortillas and add some halved cherry tomatoes for a nice contrast and some juicy freshness. Season with a last grind of pepper and scatter generously with finely chopped fresh basil and you are ready to go!

And how tasty does that look? Pretty good, eh? ;-)


Simply delicious and good! If your day starts off like this- you just know it's going to be a good one! Enjoy!


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