Sunday, 29 June 2014

Coming Bake for More!

Fiocchi d'Avena Aromatiche con Pera, Mandorla, Uva Seccha & Zenzero al FornoBaked Oatmeal with Aromatic Spice, Peaches, Almonds, Raisins & Ginger 

You can't beat oatmeal at breakfast time, whether it is Winter or Summer, it will always give you a good start to the day and plenty of energy until lunchtime.

And if it is a German Summer's day, like it was here in Frankfurt today, cold and chilly... Maybe a more Wintery dish is just the thing you need! It was just the thing I needed this morning and that's for sure!

It was particularly nice this morning, this lovely dish of crispy-topped, baked oatmeal, with its spicy and fruity filling, but would be perfectly delicious served cold with some fresh yogurt as the weather hopefully gets warmer!

Or maybe even served as a dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... Mmmm! Now, there's a thought!

My ingredients for one, good portion were: 1 cupful of good, chunky oats, 2 small peaches, a handful of raisins, a couple of handfuls of almonds, a few slices of candied ginger and spices... Coriander seeds, cardamom and a little star anise.

And considering it was actually pretty healthy with no added fat and very little sugar... Yep, it is a very enticing treat to start the day with! 

The first thing to do is to grind those spices! I had 2 cardamom pods, a half teaspoon of coriander seed and about a half of a star anise... Sure, cinnamon is delicious, but something a little bit different is a lot more fun!

Cut the peach into small bite-sized pieces, so that you are ready to go when the oatmeal gets going!

Prepare the oatmeal in the usual way, boiling it gently together with the spices and 2 slices of candied ginger which should be cut into very thin slices so that the flavor gets soaked up nicely into the milk. After around 10 minutes add the peach and turn on the oven/ broiler... In just 5 minutes time you will be needing it!

Once the oatmeal is good and soft and fluffy and the peach has bubbled away for a minute or two, add the almonds and raisins, stir them in well and and get ready to bake the top nice and brown in the oven, just to get it lovely and crunchy. Add another slice or two of candied ginger, cut into thin strips, and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top, just to give yourself a little treat!

Of course you could have sweetened the oatmeal whilst it was cooking, but I decided to leave it plain with just the sweetness and tanginess of the peach, the sweetness of the raisins and ginger... And to just have added sugar in the topping... Just my personal preference, so feel free to make it as plain or as sweet as you prefer!

And there you have it! There really isn't much more to say... Other than... Enjoy! 

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