Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ultra Marine!

Cappa Sante al Limone con Julienne di Finocchio, Piselli e Carote
Lime-Infused Scallops on Snow-Pea, Carrot and Fennel Julienne

Of course you will have noticed the relatively small amount of fish dishes here on my blog and know I am no great fan... octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp and monkfish and I am your man! But most anything else... well, what can I say? It just really isn't one of my favorites...

That being said, I do actually really enjoy scallops too every now and again! Especially if they are nicely seared and have a nice, strong flavoring and are not too bland. And voila- a new suggestion of mine for you all to enjoy with me! Read on!

I marinated the scallops in a little sesame oil, the juice of half a lime and a half teaspoon of Kaffir lime leaf powder. Just for 10 minutes or so- I didn't want the lime to "cook" the scallops in advance of me frying them after all! But I did want them to pick up plenty of flavor!

Whilst they marinated, I prepared the crispy, "slaw-like" bed of julienned snow peas, carrots and fennel. I seasoned them with salt, pepper, sugar, lime juice and sesame oil, and scattered them with sesame seed to heighten the flavor a little. Simple. Refreshing, fresh and really, really simple- but most of all- yummy and plain good!

I got my frying pan very hot, added a little sesame oil and a couple of slices of ginger, and when the ginger was sizzling and began to become brown, I added the scallops and a couple of slices of garlic. I let them sit still on each side for maybe 2 minutes, until they become crispy and delicious on the outside, but still had a nice, juicy center. I gave them a splash of vodka and a little more lime juice from the marinade, a sprinkle of chili and a shake around in the pan to take up all of the flavors... and voila! Dinner was served!

Again- a very quick, easy and delicious meal that came from under the sea! And who knew it could taste SO good? ;-)

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