Saturday, 15 September 2012

Currant Affairs

Insalata di Cetriolo e Finocchio con Dragoncello, Crescione "Shiso" e Condimento alla Cassis
Cucumber & Fennel Salad with Tarragon, Shiso Cress & Cassis Vinaigrette

Today was the day that I made the absolute best use ever (so far) of the "cassis powder" that I bought a couple of months ago! Made from dried red currants, it has a tart, fruity flavor with no sweetness, making it more than suited to savory dishes... and obviously a color to die for!

But please don't! Not just yet! It would be such a pity to miss me explaining how I made this simple but beautiful little salad... because good food tastes even better when you share it!

Plainly, I simply sliced the fennel and cucumber as thinly as possible and arranged them decoratively on my serving dish... there isn't much to explain there at all really. A little tarragon and shiso cress and already you have plenty of strong flavors right there as easy as that! And the truth of the matter is that the dressing was just as easy to make!

I stirred a half teaspoon of cassis powder together with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt. I whisked it up with some olive oil, honey, salt and white pepper until it was frothy, fruity, tangy and delicious! The tart yet sweet dressing goes wonderfully with the anise flavors of the fennel and tarragon, and together with the refreshing cucumber and peppery shiso, makes for a wonderful combination!

If you prefer a slightly less crunchy texture, you can also sprinkle the cucumber and fennel with salt before preparing the salad, as this will draw out excess moisture and soften the fennel and cucumber somewhat. But either way, it looks pretty - and tastes it too!

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