Saturday, 1 September 2012

Insalata Colorata!

Insalata di Pomodorini in Tricolore con Mozzarella e Lattuga "Ricci"
Tri-Color Cocktail Tomato, Mozzarella and Ricci-Lettuce Salad

Yes, this is indeed a colorful, if very simple salad... but sometimes simple is better- especially if nature provides you with such wonderful colors and flavors and all that you need to is serve them up!

I saw this lettuce today at the indoor market and just had to have it- I had never seen it before and it was just so pretty it had to be bagged and taken home! I decided to keep the flavors simple and so chose cocktail tomatoes in 3 colors and simple mozzarella for a little contrast- and this is how I put it together...

I simply arranged the ingredients decoratively as you can see, and made the classic Sicilian dressing for tomatoes, which is olive oil, vinegar and oregano... with a little salt and pepper and perfect just so! I decided to use a white balsamic vinegar, so as to not make the mozzarella turn dark, being as the laves of the ricci lettuce were almost black towards the outside edges. And you can't really get much simpler... ore prettier... or more delicious than  that in just 10 minutes now, can you? Just try it and enjoy!

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