Sunday, 16 September 2012

Avocado 4-Ever!

4 Variatione di Crema di Avocado
4 Variations on Avocado Yogurt Cream

Ok, my little sweet-toothed friends- how about something really fantastic and totally guilt-free to finish of a wonderful meal on a high note? How about FOUR things in fact, each as delicious as the other, each tasting totally different and all 4 made from one single avocado?
And with no next to no sugar. Or added fat. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?
The cool thing is, it IS true- it is!

Now, I could make out that this little experiment was more experimental than it actually was, but the challenge this evening was not the flavors, but rather whether I could manage to make this rather lavish dessert out of one avocado per person. The fact that you are looking at the pictures is the proof that I did :-)

I have made desserts out of avocado with many flavors in the past- chocolate, orange, mint and berry have all featured here on the blog at some point or other- avocado is so versatile!
My idea was to add a little yogurt to the avocado, to make it go a little further, make it smoother and make it a little lighter, as although it is somewhat bland left untouched, it is still rather "rich" in itself.

So the first thing I did was that I cut the avocado in half, removed the stone, scooped out the 2 halves with a spoon and sprinkled them with lemon juice to prevent them going off-color. I then carefully took off 4 slices and laid them out already, to be decorative bases for the 4 flavored creams I was about to make.

There is no reason to make this any more complicated than it is- and it isn't! Complicated that is. It is really, really simple.

I mashed the avocado up with a fork and added a little lemon juice. just to keep the color nice and bright. I then sweetened it with Stevia- trial and error is order of the day here, until it was pleasantly sweet. You will be amazed at how good it already tastes as it is!

I added tablespoons of plain yogurt and whisked it in at the highest setting, then separated the smooth avocado cream into 4... and then the fun began!

Flavor number one- cassis. And I used the cassis powder again that I used  the other day- just a half teaspoon or so will do. Unfortunately, it becomes a little brown in color... but a little scoop of plain avocado cream and a few sprinkles of powder on top soon set that straight!

Number two- coconut. Easy. Just stir in coconut flakes until you have the desired consistency. Nothing more and nothing less- it just tastes great- end of story! Except for a little decorative sprinkle of flakes when serving!

Number 3- mint. To make this, I added just a few drops of mint syrup to the cream, whisked it in well and then served it up. A few tiny drops poured over the cream give it an unreal green color and that extra "zing!" of freshness- yum!

And last but not least- cocoa and coffee... and the name says it all there too of course! 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder makes for a very rich chocolatey cream- totally delicious and every bit as special as a chocolate mousse. A few sprinkles of instant coffee add a little hint of bitterness and depth to the flavor- and you will find that they dissolve and blend in and give the chocolate cream a lovely deep glaze.

Now- the enjoyment factor is pretty high here! The decadence is there! But there is no real sin involved... ain't that wonderful? And don't you just want to try it right now? ;-)


  1. Beautiful!

    This post reminds me of the time I spent in Brazil (many years ago!) where I first discovered avocado eaten as a fruit. The Brazilians douse them with sugar and enjoy them as sweets… I couldn't believe it! But I guess it makes sense when you consider that avocados actually *are* fruits. And, as you say, they lend a nice richness to any sweet dish.

    1. Thanks Frank! I love avocado as a sweet... Just puréed with powdered sugar and cocoa powder... Omg! Glad you like it! Thanks for the comment and look out for new stuff when I get back from my vacation- I am in Sicily right now! Tanti saluti da Francesco