Sunday, 16 September 2012

Simply Fruitiful!

Insalata Mista con Prugne e Finocchio
Mixed Salad with Plum and Fennel

A quick salad for lunch, a last mad dash through my fridge before my vacation and a quick improvised combination that did the trick- and did the trick most wonderfully! And trick is probably a very good word to use to describe this salad- because the result was a little something like magic!

I had a mix of young spinach, baby red chard leaves and arugula and the last piece of fennel. Yes, yes, I know I already made a salad with fennel yesterday, but today I wanted to try something different- and colorful and crazy as it may seem, this was just a wonderfully 
simple and refreshing Summer salad- one that I am sure you will enjoy!

The whole thing was only brought to life of course after the dressing was added- and in this case, I applied it right there on the plate, after the ingredients had been arranged attractively. I first sprinkled it with salt and pepper of course, but then added some herbs de provence to bring out all of the good flavor in the plums. Then cam a few drops of balsamic vinegar, a light drizzle of honey and then a sprinkle of olive oil. Just nice, natural, unpretentious flavors, but harmonious and just right for this refreshing salad. Enjoy it whilst those plums are in season!

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