Sunday, 26 August 2012

True Colors!

Insalata di Spinaci di Amarant, Avocado, Cetriolo e Feta
Amaranth Spinach, Avocado, Cucumber & Feta Salad

This beautiful, yet simple salad, is made with avocado, Feta cheese, cucumber and something that I discovered yesterday for the first time at our indoor market here- Amaranth spinach! And isn't it just glorious looking? 

It has a slightly nuttier and stronger flavor than regular spinach, with a very mild, bitter after tone, but is totally delicious- especially in this combination! And you know me by now folks- I am always all for anything different!

I wanted to keep the salad simple, so that each distinct flavor would come through- the rich spinach flavor, the mild avocado and the crispy-fresh spinach.  The Feta cheese added depth to the mix and basically, all I needed was a nice dressing... and I kept that equally simple too!

I mixed a blend of olive oil, honey, orange juice and balsamic vinegar, shook it well in a little bottle until it became a nice emulsion and poured it over the salad. I sprinkled it with some of my seasoned herb salt, with chili flakes, coriander and fennel seeds, rosemary and thyme... and then just simply enjoyed!

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