Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fill 'er Up!

Pomodoro Ripieno di Insalata di Feta, Cetriolo e Menta
Heirloom Tomato stuffed with Feta, Mint & Cucumber Salad

Don't worry people- this may look like a huge, mutant tomato, but that serving dish is in fact a saucer and those basil leaves are miniature ones... trust me!

This would make a perfect light lunch or snack, or even a more substantial appetizer... in any case, it makes for a simple, quick, cheap and refreshing treat in this hot Summer weather!

The little feta cheese salad that I filled the tomato with is so easy! I cut both the cucumber and the feta cheese into identically sized cubes- I preferred to keep them small, about 1/2 ", but you can cut them to whatever size you prefer.

I then chopped a little basil, mint and parsley, as well as a little Spring onion, and mixed this all together with the cucumber and cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, some pepper and a squeeze of honey. I didn't add salt as the cheese is already salty enough as it is. I then stirred all this together gently and set it aside for a while for the flavors to unfold- and turned my attention to the tomato.

If it is a large tomato, it is a good idea to season it on the inside with a little salt and pepper before filling it. my secret ingredient was a drizzle of balsamic glaze on the inside too- it sets off all of the other flavors wonderfully! Spoon the feta salad into the tomato, drizzle with a little fresh olive oil and honey, serve on some fresh lettuce greens and enjoy!

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