Sunday, 5 August 2012

That's Handy!

Piccola Crostata di Mirtilli
Individual Blueberry Tart

Ok, here we go again! Just a little more that a handful of blueberries left and what to do? Stir them into some yogurt or make a smoothie. Just gobble them up and have done with?
Or decide to make myself a well-deserved little treat, brew up a fresh coffee and pat myself on the back whilst I enjoy a great little treat? Bingo!

There is no recipe here, just basically a little common sense. Keep the work to a minimum and the fun and flavor to a maximum! Make use of that last bit of puff pastry! Use a frying pan to speed up the baking process! Be crazy and spontaneous and just enjoy!

I cut the pastry into a circle using a saucer as a template... that's how small it was! I placed the pastry into my smallest non-stick pan and then I "doctored" the berries up just a little bit. I used 1 teaspoon of sugar and a half of cinnamon, which I mixed together and sprinkled over the berries. I stirred them up so that they all got coated and then placed them into the center of the pastry. I then began to fold over the edges of the pastry, pinching and folding, pinching and folding, all the way around. It was really easy!

There was a little cinnamon/sugar left over, so of course I sprinkled that over the top of both berries and pastry... waste not want not!

I turned on the broiler to get it ready and turned on the stove too, getting the pan as hot as I could. Soon I could see the butter in the pastry melting and it becoming translucent... and a minute or so later, the bottom began to firm up and brown. At that point I pushed the pan into the oven, under the broiler, to continue baking for 2-3 minutes. After that time, the pastry was firm and puffed up but not quite brown- so I slid it our of the pan and onto the baking try to finish- keeping my eagle-eye on it at all times! It is a good idea to get the pie off the pan as soon as it is stable unless you have pans with fire-proof handles!!!

And what more can I say? 2 minutes later the pie was ready and 5 minutes later it was cool enough to dig into! By no means a culinary revelation- but by all means a simple but simply delicious treat for you to enjoy!

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