Sunday, 19 August 2012


Carpaccio di Pesca e Feta con i Caperi e Crescione tipo "Shiso"
Carpaccio of Peach & Feta with Capers & Shiso Cress

Yes, this is an unusual little appetizer here- a little experiment if you will, with flavors that might well tickle your fancy- and your taste-buds! I wanted to try out combining unusual and contrasting flavors and to see if I could make something that tasted balanced and good when eaten together.

So I decided on crumbly and salty feta cheese, sweet, juicy and aromatic peach, savory capers and peppery shiso cress, which together with honey, olive, ground chili and pepper corns, went to make this into a tiny little dish to remember...

I will keep this nice and simple, being as I have already given you the reasoning behind and beyond the method itself... this was all just a bit of fun really and so easy to make. I sliced the feta cheese into the thinnest slices I could manage, without it crumbling and falling apart and did the same with the peach. I laid them decoratively out on my serving plate, sprinkling them with a combination of black pepper corns, red chili flakes and coriander seeds, that I had ground with a mortar and pestle into a fine powder.

I added the cress and the capers and a few drops of honey and sesame oil as a light "dressing" of sorts, although it was more of a selective addition of flavor that went to combine and enhance the other ingredients on the plate. And yes, indeed it worked! A great little appetizer with complex flavors, which would be an excellent introduction to an unusual and different new menu...

I guess I will have to tackle that challenge next!

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