Friday, 3 August 2012

Pizza Banana-Twisters!

Rotoli die Impasto di Pizza, con Banane, Uva Secca e Cannella
Banana/Raisin/Cinnamon Pizza-Dough Rolls

I used to love banana sandwiches when I was growing up, but even back then I soon found them too sweet when sprinkled with sugar- I was perfectly happy with the sweetness of the banana alone.

And that is what gave me the idea of using the leftover dough from my focaccia to make these little dessert rolls- very easy, not too sweet and at the same time quick and delicious.

Basically, I just cut the dough into lengths, which were around 2" in width. I lay banana slices onto each strip of dough, sprinkled a few raisins on top and dusted them-off with cinnamon. I really didn't do anything more than that! Next step was to roll them gently and loosely together and to drop them into a lightly buttered muffin tray. And off into a scorchingly hot oven they went for 15 minutes...

After 15 minutes, I very carefully lifted them out of the tray using a spoon and turned them upside down. What I wanted to do was to brown the bottom part of the dough that had been sitting in the tray and was still a little pale. So under the broiler they went for 2-3 minutes.

The surprise came when I turned them back right-side up and found that the juices from the banana and raisins had oozed out and that the tops of the rolls were now shiny and juicy with a natural glaze- how wonderful! This meant I only needed a tiny amount of honey and a minute or two under the broiler to get them looking wonderfully golden and delicious!
Which is exactly how they tasted! Almost as good as the banana sandwiches I used to love at the age of 6! :-)

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