Friday, 24 August 2012

Peaches & Herb

Sfogliatini di Pesca e Rosamarino
Peach & Rosemary Pastries

I made these little sweet snacks on the spur of the moment this evening, from the left over puff pastry from last night, a peach, a little rosemary and honey. Couldn't have been easier to make, nor yummier to eat!

I did soak the peach slices in a little Cointreau with a little cinnamon in it before putting these things together, a step you might want to skip if you are fixing these for children... then again maybe not- some peace and quiet might make a welcome change, don't you think? Oh, ok, I will try to remain serious... If you are making family-friendly versions, you can simply leave the alcohol out of the recipe- and pour it into your glass with plenty of ice...

I cut out the pastry using a large cookie-cutter and laid it out on baking paper, then laid 4 slices of peach out in a circular pattern as you can see in the pictures... into something that resembles a rose more or less... let's make them pretty! If you prepare them without alcohol, you can add a light dusting of cinnamon to the peach slices before you add them.

I baked them in a hot oven at 350°F for 15 minutes, then took them out, drizzled them very lightly with honey to give them a nice glaze and returned them for 2-3 minutes under the broiler. Whilst they were becoming a lovely golden brown, I finely chopped some fresh rosemary, which I then scattered over the hot pastries, so that it would stick nicely to the honey coating.

Enjoy hot or cold- either as they are or maybe with some vanilla ice cream or some fresh yogurt for a leaner alternative... Either way, these things are simple to make- and simply great fun!

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