Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bittersweet Beautiful!

Insalata di Fichi, Radicchio e Crescione
Radicchio, Fig & Watercress Salad

Being Sicilian, I love the bitter taste of raddichio- especially when paired with succulent, sweet figs and peppery watercress like this! What a combination! To make it better still, I ground together a seasoned salt/sugar/herb mix to go with the honey/lemon and olive oil dressing- so perfect for a Summer's night!

This was quick, easy and of course inexpensive to make... my three favorite reasons for doing anything when it comes to food! Believe it or not, this generous looking portion here was in reality made of only 1 fig, 3 leaves of radicchio and a  tiny pot of cress. It never ceases to amaze even me, just how little you need to make a decent meal sometimes!

I prepared a mix of 3 part salt to one part sugar, added red pepper corns, fennel seed and a little finely grated orange zest. Once again- I ground it up in my mortar and pestle and made a very aromatic seasoning for my salad which I drizzled with olive oil, and honey to have more of that good ol' yin-yang battle going! Because wahtever the outcome the winner is You! Keep it simple and enjoy!

The final ingredient was the watercress, which added the strong and pungent, peppery "kick" to the sweet fig slices.

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