Saturday, 4 August 2012

Howling, Barking Drunk!

Cantalupo Ubriaco con Gin e Mirtilli
Gin-Drunken Cantaloupe & Blueberries

So I decided I needed a little something refreshing and sweet and "healthy". And then I thought to myself that being healthy did not have to be taken to the extreme... and that if there was to be no added sugar of fat and I have no children... I could be a little naughty and add a nice splash of my favorite drink of all time- Gin! And so that is exactly what I did!

I love cantaloupe and especially so because the name is derived from the words "canta" and "lupe", which mean "sing" and "wolf" respectively in Italian. The story is, that the deliciously rich flavor of this beautiful golden-orange melon, is so wonderful that you will howl like a wolf when you try it! Well you may howl like a wolf and hiccup like a drunken sailor after this! Haha!

I am joking of course as there was not that much alcohol involved, and of course you could use a fruit juice in its place if making this for the whole family including children... but it was a pretty yummy little addition!

What I did was that I boiled up 1 cupful of gin and added a teaspoon of Stevia, a handful of fresh mint, a couple of crushed juniper berries and a cupful of boiling water and let this infuse until it had cooled right down. This would be the marinade for the cantaloupe- distinctive and fresh and perfumed... and totally delicious! Kind-of like a Gin Mint Julep! And what could be more delicious on a hot Summer's night?

I scooped out the melon, poured over the gin mix and let it soak for an hour or so in the fridge... simple! I served it up with some fresh blueberries as a contrast and some mint leaves to really bring the flavors together and to make them pop! Wow! Something tells me you are going to like this too! Bottoms up!


  1. This looks sooooo delicious! :-)

  2. Thanks so much Dear Gypsy :-) ! Francesco

  3. I've got all the ingredients on hand--gin included--so I may try this tonight! Love fruit with a kick!

  4. Let me know what you think Frank ;-) Remember a juniper-berry or two if you have them, to add that slightly "woodsy", earthy touch... if you don't have any- just give it an extra shot of gin and it won't matter! ;-)