Saturday, 28 July 2012

What's Good for the Gooseberry...

Budino di Semolina al Forno con Uva Spina
Baked Semolina Pudding with Gooseberries

Here is another ultra-simple dessert, made special by using seasonal and local fruits- in this case Gooseberries! I love their tart and sour flavor, but despite the strong taste, they are actually very delicate and soon disintegrate when heated up- so you need to get the timing right for this to work!

I have recently rediscovered semolina pudding again and love how easy it is to make, creamy, filling and light. In this combination with the tangy gooseberries it makes for a mild counterbalance that works wonderfully! Read how easy it was to make and then try it our for yourselves!

For the semolina, simply bring milk to the boil which has been flavored with vanilla, a hint of nutmeg and either Stevia, sugar or honey or sweeten it. Add the ground semolina and stir, stir, stir! As soon as it begins to thicken to the same consistency as a nice, light mashed potasto, spoon it into a baking dish and allow to cool for a minute or so.

Place the gooseberries decoratively on top and then bake for 9-10 minutes to bring everything back up to temperature. Remove from the oven, drizzle lightly with honey, sprinkle lightly with sugar and cinnamon and bake for a further 1-2 minutes under the broiler until the honey and sugar caramelize and become golden brown... delicious!

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