Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oh Nuts- I Blew up the Breakfast!

Souffle di Banane e Noce
Banana & Walnut Souffle

It's Sunday morning and so of course that means that you are going to get another breakfast idea from me! And of course, it also means it is going to be cheap, easy, quick and delicious!

This "souffle" is actually more of a high-rise pancake... but then again, isn't that all that a souffle actually is after all? This may not be the classic method, but it was MY method this morning and it worked! As far as I am aware, the word "souffle" translates to meaning "blown" or "puffed up" and this was pretty fluffy and puffy so that was good enough for me!
So if that is good enough for you- then read on!

Ok- get ready, because this is going to be quite an extensive ingredient list today. You will need: 1 egg, 1 banana, 3-4 walnuts and the rest is not even worth mentioning! Seriously- this thing was THAT simple to make! First things first- we need to separate that egg. Done it? Cool! Now, mash half of the banana down with a fork, add it to the egg yolk and add 1 tablespoon of flour, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of Stevia (or sugar to taste... but you know me by now!) and then whisk it together into a smooth paste. Add a little nutmeg and vanilla- either fresh or a little essence- either will be fine for this small serving.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg white until it is nice and stiff and then fold it gently into the yolk/banana mixture. Begin to fill your oven proof bowl, a couple of spoons of souffle mix at a time, with a sprinkle of walnut pieces and the other half of the banana cut into chunks. This way the banana and nuts will not all sink straight to the bottom- it is just better to do this in 3-4 layers.

Now, place your bowl into another container, on a piece of folded kitchen roll and with about an inch of boiling water. The steam produced from this water bath is what is going to help the souffle to rise and puff up. The baking powder will reinforce that and the spoonful of flour will help to make the mixture a little firmer. Into a pre-heated oven it goes, at 400°F for around 40-45 minutes. And no- do not open the door to take a peek before it is finished! Good luck! And remember- don't have too high expectations, as it is in a souffles nature to collapse again after a few minutes... so serve it while it is hot and enjoy!

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