Monday, 2 July 2012

Pizza Bonita

Pizza con Salsiccia Piccante, Fichi & Mozzarella
Spicy Sausage, Fig and Mozzarella Pizza

Beautiful, juicy figs from Sicily and seriously hot and spicy sausage from Napoli- this just had to be a great combination! Sometimes, you just end up having one of those days... you get home from work late, you are tired, the weather is miserable and you just want to rest, relax and eat. Although usually not in that order!

It is always good to have some pizza dough at hand for this kind of drastic situation... supper has to happen and it has to happen fast! So this evening I made this faster than fast pizza and was sitting down enjoying it in less time than it would have taken to have had a pizza delivered- guaranteed!

So first things first- I turned on the oven at the highest temperature setting and started it warming whilst I prepared the topping for my pizza. I sliced the sinfully hot sausage and the fig into slices thinly, chopped a Spring onion finely and plucked some mozzarella into small pieces... and that was basically it! 

I shaped the dough into a circle and then spread a little Senape, or Italian mustard on it before beginning to lay out the topping. First came the hot and spicy Neopolitan sausage which was flavored with fennel, paprika and chili, then in-between the sausage slices came the slices of sweet, ripe fig... and finally, in-between any gaps left over, a little mozzarella.
See- it didn't get any more complicated now, did it?

I baked it for 10 minutes at maximum heat, then removed it to add a trickle of honey and a good sprinkle of fresh thyme. Back under the broiler it went for the final 2 minutes, after which it was gloriously golden brown and ready to go!

The sweetness of the fig and the hot and spicy sausage go so wonderfully together and the thyme gives the savory note to lift all of the natural flavors - yes indeed- this was a real treat! One I would love for you all to share!

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