Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hot Potato!

Insalata di Patate con Spezie Indiani
Indian Spiced Potato Salad

No, no, don't be afraid! I am misleading you a little maybe with the name of this post and the appearance of this spicy potato salad may also make you think it is going to be too hot to handle (or rather to eat!), but the truth of the matter is that it is spicy but mild and most definitely delicious!

Potato salad is fine and a good potato salad can be great... but the truth of the matter is that potato salads usually are neither fie, good OR great! They are usually boring! My idea of a good potato salad does not include mayonnaise- I am more for the oil and vinegar dressings and the lighter version. What I like in potato salad is flavor and plenty of it! So that is what I whipped together, a yummy Indian-influenced spicy potato salad that is perfect on a hot Summer evening.  

I started off by scrubbing some lovely, little new potatoes clean and then steaming them for 10 minutes on a bed of mint leaves. Whilst that was happening, I ground a tablespoon of Panch Puren spices in my mortar and pestle- just a little, so that the flavors could blend more easily. 

After 10 minutes of steaming, I transferred the potatoes to a frying pan, added a little clarified butter and sautéed them for 4-5 minutes to get them lightly brown... and delicious! I added a little crushed garlic, the panch puren, a little turmeric, a little garam masala and the other ingredients- diced bell peppers and Spring onion. 

What happens now is that all of the flavors begin to mingle and come together in the most wonderful way... but there was more to come! After 3-4 minutes, I added some finely chopped mint and parsley, some small tomatoes, cut into quarters, a last tiny pat of clarified butter and a sprinkle of tandoori spice- yum, yum, yum! The finishing touch is a good squeeze of lime juice and a deliciously different potato salad is done! Allow to cool and then chill before serving- and enjoy! Because spice is the variety of life! At least in the kitchen! ;-)


  1. On a bed of mint leaves... wow. Really delicious. Francesco for my favourite cook!

  2. Oh you say the nicest things! Thank you and glad you like it! Best wishes from Francesco!