Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fry-Pan Summer-Fruit Pie!

Crostata di Pasta Sfoglia, Ciliege, Albicocca, Menta e Yogurt
Cherry, Apricot, Mint and Yogurt Tarte

I always hear people talking about how they don't have time to cook- everyone is always busy and rushing around doing this and that... anything but preparing themselves something nice to eat. At the same time, people have never been fussier about what they are eating... pretty crazy, huh?

So here is another little idea for you to put together something totally fresh, totally delicious and as easy as pie- literally! The fun thing about this was that I made it in a little frying pan- read on to find out why!

I was originally intending to make a classic "Tarte Tatin" using these beautiful cherries and apricots I picked up at the market hall today- at the same time I was thinking I could use any left-overs or off-cuts of the fruits to make a fresh fruit yogurt. And then the thought crossed my mind that I could possibly make both!

I pitted and halved the cherries and apricots and spread them devcoratively and evenly over the pastry, which I had just cut into a circle. I sprinkled everything
Owith a little honey and turned on the heat to full power...until the pastry began to puff up-

Once the pastry began indeed, to "puff up", I took the pan and placed it in a hot oven for 9-10 minutes, until the pasty was puffy, flaky and golden brown. At this point, the fruits had begun to give off their natural juices from being baked in the oven- which was exactly what I wanted- but first of all I needed to let the tart cool down!

You can decorate the tart with a little fresh mint and serve it up with custard, cream or even vanilla ice cream- but what I decided to do was more simple. Once the pie had cooled down, I added plenty of fresh mint, which I sprinkled all over the fruit topping. I spooned plenty of fresh, plain yogurt on top of the juicy fruits and squashed down on them for a while letting the delicious juices seep into the yogurt- so simple an idea but so yummy!

So apart from the pastry itself, which is sinful due to the butter in it, the rest of this dish is perfectly harmless, healthy and yummy! Just the thing once the temperatures sky-rocket, and light and sensible enough to make it almost guilt free. Even if you eat the whole thing yourself- like I did! ;-)

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