Thursday, 7 May 2015

So Hasty- So Tasty!

Pizza con Zucchinetti, Pomodorini, Olive, Cipolla Rossa & Feta
Pizza with Baby Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Red Onion & Feta Cheese


It was another "one of those days", which of course, led to it being "one of those nights" by the time I got home from work... One of those nights when I like to think, ah, to hell with it!", to open a roll of pizza dough, pop something yummy on top, push it into the oven and just chill out!

Yep, that even happens to me folks! But it doesn't mean that I don't make something nice, nonetheless, when it does happen!

And especially not if I have some nice, tender, cute and delicious veggies at hand like these baby zucchini!


As you know, I am loathe to pretend to make a fresh pizza dough when I just make myself a pizza- unless I am going to make it for a number of friends, I think it really is not worth the time you need to invest, just for 1 single serving... But should you feel that way inclined... Feel free to check the Internet and bookshelves... There are millions of versions of doing the same thing out there... I am sure you will find one to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and superior quality! Knock yourselves out! Me? I will have my supper ready and baked in just 40 minutes from start to finish... And it will be delicious... And so will yours if you do what I do! Word!


If you know me a little, you will know I am no great fan of melted cheese... I am definitely for "less is more" when it comes to that! When it comes to a lot of thing for that matter... As you can see here! All I needed were 6-7 baby zucchini... I just happened to have them and liked their looks, but obviously sou can also cut up a regular zucchini into smaller pieces too! 1/2 of a block of feta cheese, 1/2 of a red onion, 6-7 cherry tomatoes and 9-10 black olives. I seasoned with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar, added fresh basil and oregano for flavor and a halo block of feta cheese to make everything complete... And it was a pretty perfect combination, even if I do say so myself!


The baby zucchini were a real little treat and I was lucky to get them! And do you know how and why? Well, you may remember that I bought zucchini blossoms on Saturday? The thing is, that they are so delicate, that sometimes, by the time they get transported to the market, some of them get damaged and bruised. And what happens then? Well, Nina, was removing the blossoms that were damaged and saving the little baby zucchini that were attached... THAT is how I got my hands on them! You can always ask at your farmers market- I am sure the vendors will be thrilled to sell them to you! And they are so tender and sweet and delicious!


The zucchini were so small and tender, about the size of my fingers! So I simply cut them in half, as did I the cherry tomatoes- and the onion I simp,y cut into thin slices... That was all of the hard work done!

As soon as that was done, I turned on the oven to the highest setting to get it ready and got my frying pan nice and hot to get busy preparing my vegetables.

First of all, the onion and zucchini, which I seasoned with salt and pepper and fried in olive oil for just 3-4 minutes, just get get them soft and nicely coated in oil.


I set them aside to cool and did the same with the olives and cherry tomatoes- just 3-4 minutes and no longer... You just want to give everything a little head start!


Start layering your toppings onto the pizza dough with a sprinkle of feta and a few herbs, than add the rest of the ingredients, equally spread-out on top. Finish with a scattering of herbs, some more feta cheese on top and plenty of pepper.

Bake at the highest setting you have for 15 minutes or so, until the pizza is cripy and golden brown and delicious!

It's all there and and its all good! Should you prefer another cheese, of course, be my guests! But I like the way that feta melts but does not drip and ooze and I do love it when it turns golden brown!


Cut it up, share it out and enjoy! That's the way to do it!

A lovely combination of sweet and savory, soft and crunchy... It's all here and it's sooo delicious!


A thing of beauty... and an edible one at that!


Don't delay- make it today!

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