Monday, 4 May 2015

Lord of the Rings

Calamari Croccante con Farina di Ceci & Sumac con "Pimientos de Padron", Oregano & Limone
Crispy-Griddled Squid with Gram-Flour & Sumac, with "Pimientos de Padron", Oregano & Lemon


You can make a meal of them, you can just prepare them to serve as "tapas", but whichever way you look at them, both the "pimientos de padron" and the crispy rings of squid were totally delicious!

The best thing? Well, you know how I always like to make quick and easy dishes... this one here took just 20 minutes at the very most to make!


Of course the lemon, oregano, olive oil and sea salt make this a tasty dish... But it is the gram (chickpea) flour and sumac that make it so special!

The gram flour makes the squid super-crispy, nutty and delicious from the outside whilst keeping it tender inside, and the sumac adds a tangy hint of spice that really brings it to life... I think you'll like it!

There is no need for measurements and quantities of ingredients here... You just need to have your squid, peppers, gram flour, sumac, oregano, lemon, sea salt, pepper and olive oil and to have fun! It will all work out just fine following the rule of thumb!


This is a great dish to make for friends, right before their eyes and right before you dig-in together and enjoy! It is a no-risk dish that will work every time and will delight on the spot, hot and sizzling from the griddle to the plate!


The first thing you need to do is to boil the squid for 10 minutes, then immediately drain and rinse in cold water. Pop it into a bowl with, for each squid, say, 1 tablespoon of gram flour, the juice of half a lemon and a splash of olive oil. No salt at this point- that will only make the squid tough... And we are going to season everything at the end with sea salt, remember? Cool!


Simply mix together, just use your fingers and you will soon have a nice, smooth paste covering the squid... Ready to go... So get your pan hot and ready... And go!


Get the pan nice and hot whilst you rinse off the peppers and then shake them dry and add them all at once. After about a minute or so, add a drizzle of olive oil and toss/stir until they begin to blister and pop, become wonderfully aromatic and start turning lovely and brown.


Now, push the peppers to one side and add the squid, letting it sit still and brown nicely for a couple of minutes before flipping it over.


2-3 minutes from either side is all it will take and you will be finished and ready to serve!


Season generously with sea salt, a good sprinkle of sumac and plenty of lemon zest and oregano... Then add a last, good squeeze of lemon juice and prepare your taste buds for a treat!

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