Friday, 1 May 2015

An Egg-Ceptional Breakfast

Uova in Bicchiere con Pomodorini & Pasta Sfoglia
Coddled Eggs & Cherry Tomatoes with Puff-Pastry Lids


Is it just me- or are there always, annoyingly, a couple of inches worth of puff-pastry, left-over, whenever you make anything using it? Oh- thank goodness for that! I was beginning to get paranoid! wink emoticon

Sometimes, I may just dab a little jam on them, fold them over and enjoy a sweet treat, or you could always add some grated cheese and make some savory twists to snack on...

Or you can save them for the morning after- and make these instead!


Coddled eggs are always easy and fun- a really nice way to start the day! And this way- well, they are simply a little nicer still!


Another great thing about making these is... that you do not need to have egg coddlers to do so- as the puff-pastry replaces the lid you would otherwise need, any small glass or oven-proof container will do!

To make them you will need eggs, cherry tomatoes, a little parsley and thyme (or any other herbs you may prefer), salt, pepper and of course those left-overs of pastry... and 15 minutes in the oven!

What a pretty- and pretty delicious way to start the day! Turn on the oven, start the coffee brewing... happiness is just a few minutes away!


So- to make those little lids! Find a small jar, or cup, or baking ring than the containers you are going to use, and press them into the pastry a little to mark your circles.


Then- using a very sharp knife, cut out the circles- do not try to simply cut the pastry using a round object as you will end up pressing the dough together around the outside edges, which will not allow any of the air to escape from all of those layers- and which will of course prevent the pastry from puffing up and rising!


All you need to do now is to slice up the cherry tomatoes and to pop them into your coddlers, or jars... or whatever you are using and to add plenty of herbs, salt and pepper.


Next- add the eggs, a little more of the herbs and seasonings- and you are ready to pop on the lids and pop them into the oven!


I put 2 circles of pastry on top of each of mine, to make them extra high and puffy and delicious! Into the oven they went at 200°C for 15 minutes- time enough to tidy up, fix the coffee and set my little table.


And voila! A beautiful, simple and perfectly wonderful little breakfast out of nowhere!


And definitely something pretty enough to impress and delight a friend... or your family... or loved one... or just your self, anytime!


Grab your spoons and dig-in! That pastry is there to be destroyed! And enjoyed!


Have a nice breakfast- and have a great day!

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