Thursday, 14 May 2015

An Apple a Day...

Tortilla Dolce con Mela, Ricotta, Cannella & Miele
Sweet Tortilla with Apple, Ricotta, Cinnamon & Honey

A day off work, should be... a day off work, right? That means even at breakfast! So, although I was craving something sweet and delicious and a bit of a treat, I was not particularly inclined to do a lot of work this morning... Don't hate me!

So I prepared this little thingamajig here in the blink of an eye and enjoyed my first cup of coffee whilst it baked in the oven. Stop trying so hard and start enjoying the simple things!


This is a really simple, really light and still a really nice little breakfast. Not too sweet, not too heavy and with a light ricotta, fatty at all... But at the same time, as I already said... Quite the treat!


So this morning I really kept things modest and healthy! 2 tortillas, 1 sweet apple, 2 tablespoons of fresh lower-fat ricotta, 2 teaspoons of honey and a little cinnamon, we're all that I needed to get my day off to a sweet start!


You can obviously use a full-fat ricotta and of course, you can sweeten it more when you make this- but the simple truth is... If you never try preparing your food with less fat and less sugar, you will never know whether you might well like it that way.

I discovered long ago, that most food still tastes a.) sweet enough and b.) enjoyable enough without unnecessary extra calories. At least for my taste. It's a personal decision for me and not one I would want to force onto anyone else... But... What have you got to lose by trying? Except maybe a little weight?  

Turn on you oven to get it hot and then get started straight away by grating your apple. I chose to leave mine unpeeled and to grate it finely. Spoon it onto the tortilla, along with plenty of that excess juice, to soak-in and soften the tortilla... And of course, fill it with flavor.


Next, sprinkle generously with cinnamon.


And then spread lightly with the ricotta, which will of course mix-together with the apple, but that's ok! Just smooth it out and you'll be fine. Just a good tablespoon of ricotta should be enough.

Once you are done, trickle lightly with honey, add a second tortilla on top and repeat, adding apple, ricotta and cinnamon, but no honey... That will come later! That is because, you do not want the honey to get too hot and burn in the oven... Which is exactly where it needs to go next, at 200C, on the middle shelf, for around 20 minutes.


After 20 minutes, add your light drizzle of honey on top and pop back in for 3-4 minutes to glaze... And you are ready to serve!


Cut, serve, enjoy and start your day with a smile!


You know when people say, "it isn't much, but it's all I have" and look smug, because what they happen to have is rather nice? Well... This is your chance to do the same! Haha!


It ISN'T all that much... But it really IS all you need! Unless you decide you need 2 of them, of course...


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