Monday, 25 May 2015

French Rarebit

Panini Tostate con Ricotta, Uova, Dragoncello, Pancetta & Pomodorini
Tarragon, Ricotta, Bacon & Cherry Tomato "Welsh Rarebit"


This is actually, not a "Welsh Rarebit" at all... it owes more of its flavors to France than Wales, with all of that yummy tarragon- but the most important thing is that it was delicious... and that it was my breakfast this morning!

Now that I have taken the plunge and have a nice big bunch of tarragon in the fridge, after finally finding some for the first time this year- I intend to use it! And I really wish more people did too- it is such a shame that its lovely flavor is not appreciated a little more outside of France... it is time for a little revolution!
es are worth getting a little excited about!

A couple of rolls for breakfast and maybe an egg- maybe a little cheese and tomatoes... that was what I COULD have had. And basically... that is all that I DID have... but I had some fun with them and made something wonderful, rather than something ordinary and unexciting.

And let me tell you- these little beauties are worth getting a little excited about!


Here you go... grab a pen and paper- this is going to be a long list! 2 rye bread rolls (or whichever you prefer), 1 egg, 4-5 cherry tomatoes, about 1 tablespoon of finely chopped bacon (all I had left!!), 2 tablespoons of fresh ricotta, fresh tarragon, salt, pepper, the end. LOL!


Simple, tasty and quick... that was what I wanted this morning... and so that was what I made too! But who knew it would end up tasting so good!?!!


Ok- for this little quicky, simply pop your rolls under the broiler with the crust-side up, to get them nice and crunchy from below.

Whilst they are toasting, simply chop up the tarragon and mix it together with the ricotta, egg and bacon, with a good pinch of salt and pepper.


There you go- that is your tasty topping, all ready to be spooned over those rolls- so... out of the oven they come!


Add your cherry tomatoes, sliced, salted and peppered and then you are just a few minutes away from enjoying your best breakfast in a long time... word!

Spoon the topping over the tomatoes, nicely and generously... but carefully so that it doesn't spill over- no need to overdo things... OR create any mess!

Pop on a low or middle rack to toast, so that the egg and ricotta mixture has a chance to cook through before it begins to toast on top- they will need 10 minutes or so, depending on your oven, until they are perfect.

But when they are perfect... then they ARE perfect in every way! Aromatic and flavorful... and who could imagine with such simple ingredients and so little effort! It's all in the combination... and the combination is all good!


I need to make these again soon! You need to make them for the first time soon! It's a simple as that!

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