Sunday, 24 May 2015

2 Little Piggies under a Blanket of Pears

Cotolette di Maiale con Dragoncello, Pere & Pepe Rosso
Pork Cutlets with Tarragon, Pear & Red Pepper Corns

 Oh, you think pork is rather bland and dry and tasteless? Well, if you have a poor quality meat and you have no idea of how to cook, I am sure that would be quite and accurate assumption to make! But, begins as I do know how to cook and that these little cutlets were from a local butcher at the market hall... Well, I am sure you would have been quite surprised!

The good news is... That I am sure you will all get the same wonderful results if you prepare your meat the way that I did... Let me show you how and let's get back to enjoying pork again and appreciating how great it can taste... With a little help from some other tasty ingredients of course!


Traditionally, pork is served most often with apple, which as we all know is a perfect combination. But this evening I decided to use pear, which I find harmonizes wonderfully with tarragon and indeed red peppercorns, which I have used before in other recipes. And what can I say? My instincts served me well, the combination was delicious... And I am so pleased to be able to share at least the recipe with you, if not my own meal... But alas, you will just have to go out there and make it yourselves! haha!

A small and indeed modest little meal... But so elegant and most importantly, delicious! This was all that I need to make it!

2 small cutlets of pork or alternatively, you could use slices of tenderloin, 2 small potatoes, 1 small onion, 1/2 of a pear, some fresh tarragon, red peppercorns, regular pepper, salt and a little butter and honey to make it rich, tasty and delicious!


Prepared this way, the pork will be tender, juicy and infused with flavor. It will take around 10 minutes to prepare and 15-20 minutes to cook... And will make you very, very happy indeed! And for sure you will want to prepare this for guests as well- it really is so pretty!


I hope I don't need to tell you all how to boil potatoes! So, if you plan to have them on the side, as I did this evening, start them boiling first and turn on your oven to get it nice and hot.

The only preparation work to do in the meantime is to Finley slice the onion and the pear. I needed only half of the pear- one quarter for each slice. Once the core has been removed, slice each quarter into the finest slices you can and fan them out a little as you can see in the photo.

Begin preparing the pork cutlets by first frying the onion, in a little butter, along with a little tarragon and a scattering of peppercorns to get everything nicely infused with flavor.

Once the onion has become translucent, set the cutlets on top, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, crushed red peppercorns and a nice sprig of tarragon for each one.

Next, lay a fanned-out quarter of pear on top of each cutlet and sprinkle with salt and red peppercorns. Cover with foil and pop into the oven for 10 minutes at 170 C.

After 10 minutes, remove the foil and continue cooking with a pat of butter on top of each. 10 minutes later, when the pear is cooked through, the meat is sizzling and you have lots of juices from the mat and onions, add a light drizzle of honey and pop under the broiler for 3-5 minutes to give them a nice glaze.

Serve with simple boiled potatoes that have been drizzled with a drop of olive oil and scattered with finely chopped tarragon. beautiful and so flavorful at the same time!

I have to say that I am very proud of this dish... Its appearance, it's flavor and its simplicity to prepare! And of course, all of those delicious juices and the sweet onion in the pan are just waiting to be added and enjoyed... They are where all the real flavor is!

And don't say I never give you great ideas for your next dinner party! This one here is pretty hard to beat!

And before you say anything... Yes, I am indeed proud of my photos this time around too!

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