Friday, 15 May 2015

It's a Wrap!

Tortilla "Wrap", con Pollo al Achiote
Tortilla Wraps with Achiote Chicken

Ok, let's make a little sandwich, let's make it light and tasty and fun and let's make it right now! You want to have some grilled chicken on it? Sounds good, huh? But you don't have a grill? You sound like me, lol! Then grab that griddle pan and don't let little details like that stand in your way!

With some yummy and colorful achiote, I added some rich, mild flavor to both the chicken and the simple red cabbage coleslaw that I filled my tortilla roll with... Read on and you will see just how light and healthy it all was too!

The ingredient that made both the chicken and the slaw so delicious was plain, natural yogurt... Which made a great sauce along with the achiote, finely chopped onion and lime that served as a marinade for the chicken and a sauce for the slaw!


These were the ingredients I used to make 2 tortilla rolls... Basically you only need to know the ingredients and the method... I am sure you can figure out the quantities yourselves with this!

So, you will need some lean chicken breast, cut into thin strips, red cabbage, a little carrot and cucumber to add a little crunch to the filling, some kind of lettuce- I just used plain-old iceberg here, Spring onion, lime, plain yogurt, a little olive oil, salt, pepper and of course, the all-important achiote powder.

Oh! And of course... Most important of all... Some tortillas!


With only about a tablespoon of oil in the whole thing, this is a very low fat affair... No cream or mayonnaise, no icky, sugar-packed, artificial sauces- just good fresh flavors and a hint of mild spice... It's all you need to let each and every single ingredient have its own voice in this culinary conversation... And to let them all say something loud and clear... We taste great!


Obviously, there is going to be some chopping involved! Make sure everything is chopped up nice and finely... You are going to be eating them raw after all!


For the marinade, mix together plain yogurt with plenty of lime juice, a little salt and pepper, plenty of achiote (it Is mild!), a little finely chopped onion and a touch of olive oil for a little richness. Stir together and separate into 2 lots... One for the chicken and one for the slaw!


Pour half of the rich, orange marinade over the finely chopped cabbage, a about the same amount of plain yogurt, plenty more lime juice, salt, pepper and a tiny pinch of sugar... stir together, mash down a little and set aside for all of the flavors to mingle... Simple!


Stir the chicken into the remaining marinade and let it sit and tenderize for 10-15 minutes... That's more than enough time for these thin strips... And once you are ready... Get that griddle nice and hot and ready to go!


Whilst the pan is getting hot, squeeze the slaw down a little and pour off any excess juice the cabbage may have given off- you want it to be a rich, not a runny affair!

Set out nicely spaced-out on the hot griddle, season with a touch more salt and pepper and allow to "grill" for 3-4 minutes from each side, until you have lovely scorch-marks and a wonderful, slightly caramelized and juicy finish.


Now you are ready to put your rolls together! Lettuce first, then carrot and cucumber, top with the coleslaw and then the hot chicken on top, straight from the grill, hot and delicious!

Roll 'em up, chop 'em in half and enjoy! Nice, refreshing, but most of all, simple and healthy... What more could you want?


The only thing more that I wanted when I was finished with the first one was... The second one! So make sure to make plenty of them... I'm sure everybody else will feel the same!

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