Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Raw & Smokin' Goodness

Bruschette con Scamorza Affumicata & Avocado con Basilico e Coriandolo 
Avocado with Basil & Cilantro & Smoked Scamorza on Rye Bruschetta

You don't always have to cook to enjoy good food- nope, sometimes a lot less effort will produce something that's really wonderful to eat, in next to no time, that is healthy, pretty and fun... and also totally cool! Like these little nibbles here- great as appetizers, or if you are not quite fit enough to cook again just yet, like poor me- a good makeshift meal for either lunch or supper.

So I am still at home and getting over my little operation, and not quite up to standing at the stove for hours on end... and at the same time I know the avocado I picked up on Saturday it totally ripened to perfection- and the answer is clear: don't knock yourself out trying to cook something and just use it!

Ok- there WAS a little cooking involved here- if you can describe toasting some bread as cooking that is! But that was the first thing I needed to do... and then to let the crispy, toasted bread cool off completely so that it did not make the cheese sweat, the cress wilt... and everything lose its texture. 

So whilst the toast was cooling off, I got busy chopping up my basil and cilantro- for one avocado, I used a handful of cilantro and about half as much basil. I chopped them up as quickly as possible and scooped them straight into a bowl and added a couple of tablespoons of olive oil- so as to not lose to many of the essential oils from the herbs into the chopping board- they are gone before you know it otherwise! And this way they get absorbed into the olive oil... and therefore into the avocado- which is where you want to have them!

The next step was to add the juice of half a lemon to the oil and herbs and a little green Tabasco. I would have used more usually- but neither my tum-tum nor my doctor would approve at the moment! And then I was ready to halve and dice the avocado and add it, straight into the bowl. I stirred it through once and that was it- all it needed to do was sit there and marinate for 4-5 minutes until I had everything ready... you can't get easier than that!

Next, I rubbed the crispy, toasted bread with a clove of garlic- just to perfume it a little- as you would with a traditional bruschetta. I then added a generous sprinkle of cress, which would add a fresh, peppery flavor and harmonize wonderfully with the other ingredients- especially with the smoked Scamorza cheese which was next! I love its smooth, mild and gently smokey flavor- maybe a little bland on its own but great in combination with so many things... including this!

I spooned the avocado on top and all it then needed to be perfect was a sprinkle of salt... and I was good to go for supper! Wine would have been great- but water had to do for this evening... but with a tasty snack like this I had nothing to complain about... because this was just totally delicious! Try it and see!

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