Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Baked Dragon Egg for Supper!

Frittata con Pomodori Ciliegini, Porro, Pancetta & Dragoncello
Frittata with Cherry Tomato, Leek, Bacon & Tarragon

Oh, obviously this simple little frittata was made using regular eggs, but it was flavored with Dragoncello, which is the Italian name for tarragon ;-) , a herb that I really love. And a lot less dangerous than trying to steal the eggs of a fire-breathing beast! And a much more manageable size I would guess!

2 eggs was all it took to fix my little supper, which became a little more voluminous after I separated them and whisked the egg whites into a fluffy snow before adding the yolks. So this was a nice, light meal- perfect as a quick fix after a long day and almost unbeatable at just 15 minutes cooking time! I know I always gain your attention with those little facts!

To make it, I turned on my oven to maximum heat and turned on the broiler, so that it would be ready to go and then turned my attention to the rest... it's always good to think ahead in the kitchen! 

So I started out with the actual cooking by frying some finely chopped bacon in a dry non-stick pan, together with some sliced leek- just for 4-5 minutes until the bacon was beginning to get crispy and the leeks to get tender. During that time, I whisked the egg whites and added the yolks as mentioned above, I seasoned the eggs with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a hint of cayenne. To the 2 eggs, I added 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan and then whisked the yolk and whites together to make one single batter.

I removed the bacon and leeks from the frying pan and added the beaten eggs and then scattered a nice handful of tarragon on top, followed by the bacon and leek and on top of that, 4-5 halved cherry tomatoes. Of course the eggs were so fluffy that the other ingredients sunk down into them somewhat, but that's ok, it doesn't hurt the flavor! After 2-3 minutes in the pan, the base was nicely set, so I gave it a last sprinkle of grated cheese and coarsely ground pepper and popped it into the oven for 2-3 minutes, for the broiler to do its job and cook and brown the omelette to perfection... and of course as soon as it was perfectly baked I was perfectly ready to eat! And dinner was served! 

This was quick, easy and would equally make a great breakfast or light Summer lunch for you to make next time. Do so and enjoy- and whether you are a fair maiden or a brave knight, fear not! You're gonna love it! You'll see!

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