Sunday, 28 April 2013

Crusty Convertables

Panini Aperti con Rucola, Camembert, Peperone Dolce & Pomodori Ciliegini
Open-Topped Rolls with Arugula, Camembert, Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes

And for a little improvised treat this lunchtime- how about these simple and delicious crusty rye-bread rolls? I kept the calories low by keeping the toppings light, but they were full of flavor and perfect for a lunch on the run!

I don't know about you, but frankly, the look of the typical over-filled sandwich that we are so often presented with, is a lot less than appetizing to me. They usually have more than twice the amount of stuff in there that they need to be delicious- never mind than the amount that we actually should be eating. Especially those sandwiches with loads of slices of cold cuts, then mayonnaise... and usually butter and cheese as well- ugh! No, no, no... as with most things- less is definitely more!  

The main reason I dislike those kinds of sandwiches, apart from the sheer quantity of filling in them, is that the components of flavors and texture is beyond all control! There may be lots of flavors in there, but they are not balanced or complimentary to each other in any reasonable manner that lets you actually distinguish them from one another. That is what I consider to be good food and that is what I tried to do right here...

The first thing I did of course was to toast the bread rolls, which I drizzled very lightly with olive oil before doing so and then lightly rubbed with a clove of garlic once they were done- as one would with a toasted bruschetta. I then added a generous amount of arugula and for each half roll, just 2 thin slices of camembert. I then added a cherry tomato cut in half to each and a few slices from a sweet yellow/orange sweet bell pepper... your eyes have every bit as much right to enjoy as your tongue has after all!

I then added a few drops of olive oil, a very light drizzle of honey and a few splashes of balsamic glaze. A sprinkle of Herbs de Provence, a little salt and pepper and that was it! A wonderful combination of peppery arugula, mild camembert cheese, juicy tomato, crispy pepper and tangy herbs along with the sweet and sour honey and vinegar... well... quite frankly- what more could you possibly want?!?? Me? I couldn't have asked for more! This was absolutely my kind of food! And I can imagine that you will like it too if you give it a try! Bon apetit!

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