Thursday, 25 April 2013

All Broken-Up Over Dessert!

Fragole con Yogurt, Menta e Biscotti 
Strawberries, Yogurt & Mint with Cookie Crumble

"If a picture paints a thousand words..." was the way that the lyrics went, remember? Well, there could hardly be a truer statement about this simple little post of mine! There is no real recipe involved here, it is just a combination of tastes, flavors and colors that are just perfect together... perfect I say!

I was simply planning on chopping up these strawberries to stir into some plain yogurt and enjoy as a little after dinner snack... but then started to feel playful and went ahead and made something more pretty and easy and fun instead! Most of the time there is really no need to fuss over desserts and to make elaborate, difficult and dainty affairs- in my opinion, it is way cooler to improvise and enjoy something simple!

This was just made by simply washing, trimming and halving the strawberries and spreading them out on my serving plate, then by drizzling plain yogurt here and there between the gaps. I chose not to sweeten mine, due to the fact that I would soon be adding those crumbled up cookies, but I did add a good amount of cinnamon and a light drizzle of lime! Next came the mint leaves and finally the crumbled butter cookies- and that was it! Easier than can be and simply perfect in the combination! What more do you need to have a great dessert? Enjoy!

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