Sunday, 14 April 2013

...and Black Again!

Insalata di Cetriolo, Moro & Crescione
Cucumber, Cress & Blackberry Salad

Yes, indeed- those blackberries again! So wonderful to have found them at the market hall yesterday- the first of the season and a great opener to the Spring season. I picked them up with no particular dish in mind and then quickly came up with the idea of adding them to my oatmeal this morning- great idea, but that to do with the handful that were left over?!?! 

And wouldn't you know it- bang! There is was! My second flash of inspiration! Armed with just an ordinary cucumber and the last half pot of cress in my fridge, I went about creating this elegant, eye-catching... and what a piece of good luck, yummy salad! This is one to try and to love- and I am sure when you do, all of your guests will too!

To make the salad, I cut the cucumber into quarters, lengthways and then cut away the seeds from the middle with a diagonal cut... they would make the salad too waterlogged- and so they had to go! I then took a vegetable peeler, and shaved paper-thin strips from each quarter- I found the best way to do this was to lay the strip of cucumber against the flat of my arm as I held it, to stop it bending and wobbling... try it- you will see what I mean!

Next, the simple, but tasty dressing! I made this by squashing 3-4 blackberries into 4-5 tablespoons of plain yogurt, then adding lime juice, olive oil, salt and a little honey. As I said- that is pretty simple- but also pretty delicious!

So now I had everything I needed to put this little beauty together. I simply spread the cucumber slices out onto my plate decoratively and added the blackberries equally spread out, then sprinkled the cress on top. I added the dressing here and there, then added a light drizzle of neutral olive oil over the rest of the salad, along with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper. Did I say that this was an easy recipe to make, or didn't I? And trust me... as soon as you get your fork in there and begin twisting the cucumber up like pasta, with that fruity dressing- you are going to love it! Guaranteed!

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